“Working with New Home Builders in Monument Colorado Has Many Benefits!”


Building A Custom Home with New Home Builders in Monument CO, Provides Options and Can Actually Save You Money!

There are few things in life that provide a bigger thrill than moving into a new home.

You can make the involvement even more special by building with new home builders in Monument Colorado, which allows you to choose your look, location and specific features.

In the process, you could set yourself up to eliminate maintenance and save money and you get to create a unique living space that serves your family’s needs for years to come.

With New Home Builders in Monument Colorado, You’re in The Driver’s Seat!

Working with an experienced new home builder to create a custom home or renovate an existing home gives you possibilities you don’t get when buying an existing production house.

The chances are truncated for finding an existing house that has exactly what you want.

When you construct a custom home, you control every detail.

You get to choose everything, including fixtures, wall colors, draperies, appliances, flooring and carpets.

Even more significant, you select a layout and use of space that works best for you and your family.

With a builder to support and guide you, you’re not overwhelmed by the range of choices.

Remember, You’re the First Owner…

Being the first resident and owner of your new home gives you a special feeling of ownership.

And because everything is original, you don’t deal with problems left by previous owners; you have warranties on nearly the whole lot in your new home, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Our Home Builders in Monument CO Give You First Pick on Location.

When your custom building your home, you can reside anywhere you want in Monument, CO.

You’re not restricted by available home inventory at any given time.

When you purchase a production home, there’s often significant competition to snag the best locations, and prices can rise quickly. Work with new home builders in Monument Colorado to find the best areas.

Building a custom home, you can select your community, whether it’s a historic neighborhood near downtown or a bigger lot in the suburbs. You can base your selection of location on commuting time, being close to family, quality of schools, the level of privacy and any other elements that matter to you.

At Copperleaf Homes We Offer More Features Than Any Home Builders in Monument CO:

In a custom-built home, you can include selections that are important to you. These include:

  • Fire safety features.
  • State-of-the-art appliances.
  • First-floor master bedroom and bath.
  • Orientation of the home and level of sunlight.
  • Accommodation of special needs.
  • Room for multi-generational families.
  • Wiring for modern technology.
  • Custom floor plan for your lifestyle.

Energy efficiency impacts the future pleasure of your home and its cost & in many ways.

Industry standards have changed significantly over the past few years.

By choosing a custom-built home through new home builders in Monument Colorado, you can make sure to select features and materials that save money and are friendly to the environment.

With the Help of Our Custom Home Builders in Monument CO, You Get More Bang for Your Buck!

Custom-built homes can even total less than some production homes with pre-chosen packages of options from which you must select.

And with a custom home, you invest only for the space you want and need.

With an existing or production home, you’re often purchasing extra space for which you’ll pay a mortgage and taxes for many years.

If you construct your home to be energy efficient, you may be able to take advantage of the federal tax credits that allow you to deduct as much as 30 percent of the cost of some green building materials.

Working with home builders in Monument CO, puts you in the driver’s seat with complete control, the ability to select your neighborhood and get minimal maintenance.

Lower up-front fees and increased energy efficiency saves you money every year.

You pay only for the space you need, and your brand of individuality makes it truly a place to call home.

Talk to Copperleaf Homes, about building a custom home in Monument, CO.

With multiple diplomacies to start from, endless customization choices and some of the best new home builders in Monument Colorado and in the industry, you can have the home you have always wanted.

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