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Whether you own land or a home and want to rebuild it custom, or you’re looking to buy land and build a new home for your family, our custom and new home builders in Parker CO, offer the best materials and homes with the most features and elements.

Your new house is more than just a structure — it’s your home, where you get away from all of the heaviness and stress from work, making lifelong memories with your family.

Because you will spend so much time in your home enjoying time with your loved ones, and entertaining friends, and enjoying hobbies, it really needs to be a distinct place that suits your unique needs, reflects your personal style and fits your regime which is why you should discuss your needs and wants in a new home with our custom home builders in Parker CO.

When the time comes to begin thinking about moving to your forever home, one of the first and most important decisions you will encounter is whether to acquire an existing home or build your own custom home from the ground up. The following six benefits help you understand the perks of having your new home custom built by new home builders in Parker.

  1. Parker CO Home Builders Offer Unlimited, Customized Options!

Building your own home with the help of custom home builders in Parker, CO is all about the authority of making choices.

You have the total freedom to choose everything you want in your home, including appliances, wall and floor coverings, trim, custom cabinetry and other feature amenities.

If you aren’t a fan of granite and want hand-painted Art Deco tiling in your kitchen in its place, you can have it. Do you enjoy natural light? Have skylights installed within every room!

From the top to the bottom, floor to ceiling, interior and exterior, you are in charge of every detail and element that goes into creating your new home.

  1. Complete Functionality!

Your custom home is built entirely around you, including the floor plan.

Rather than working within a pre-existing home’s floor plan, or having restricted options with a semi-custom home, custom home builders in Parker CO can take your floor plan and maximize and take full advantage of every inch of usable space.

Your home will have the flexibility and functionality to eliminate unused space and adapt to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you prefer the open floor plan style home or you enjoy separate, defined rooms, it’s your decision.

You could install a spiral staircase right in the middle of a room, or create a custom wall of bookcases for a private library, – neither of which is possible with a pre-built home or semi-custom home.

  1. Personal Statement and Expression!

Your custom-built home is a straight reflection of your style, taste, and personality.

By hiring custom home builders in Parker, CO you get the chance to work with an architect and interior designer that the builders recommend and you’ll have the chance to create a home that factually will be the “home of your dreams.”

If you are an art collector, your entire home can be built and designed to highlight your prized pieces, from your gallery walls to specialized lighting.

If you enjoy that good old fashioned morning cup of coffee outdoors, you can create a terrace right off of your kitchen – or your bedroom, if you want.

Whether your style is Mid-Century Modern, Greek revival, or Ranch and Contemporary, or a combination of various home styles, your home takes into account every detail you specify.

Your furnishings fit flawlessly because your home is designed to accommodate them.

  1. Lot Selection and Privacy!

If you have a specific area or distinct lot in mind, it’s yours with the help of custom home builders in Parker and Douglas County.

Whether you want to be part of an active community with other similar-interest families, or want the seclusion of a wooded lot, or even if you want to have lots of wide-open acreages, you can select the best spot for your home.

In addition, you can design your home to maximize privacy or take advantage of amazing views.

  1. Material Durability and Quality!

    When you purchase a pre-existing home or a semi-custom home, you really don’t have much control over the quality of the materials being used.

The grade of materials actually varies from room to room and includes prefabricated lower-quality and less durable materials.

Our custom home builders in Parker CO work with the most skilled and trusted tradesmen who provide high-quality work and use top of the line materials.

With a custom-built home you will know it is being constructed with the best products, materials, and trusted household brands.

  1. Budget and Financial Flexibility!

The concept that a custom-built home is more expensive than a pre-existing or semi-custom home isn’t always true. It’s only a larger investment from your end, if you choose for it to be.

In reality, when you are building your new digs with custom home builders in Parker, you’re able to incorporate how your home is built within your budget.

For example, special features, materials, and everything else that goes into building your home has a variety of price points, all of which you will control.

When you choose to work with custom home builders in Parker, your budget and financial plan are taken into consideration from the minute you begin discussing and designing your new home, all the way until the day you move in.

When it comes to designingand creating a home that stands the test of time, it’s important to work with known and trusted custom home builders in Parker, Castle Rock and Douglas County.

At Copperleaf Homes, we’ve earned our reputation by persisting in the market with dedication and compassion for the craft and industry we’re in and for perfection in every detail of the homes we build. If you are looking to get started with a new custom home, contact us today.

Put your trust in our custom home builders in Parker CO and Douglas County and let’s build the home of your dreams.

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