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The Hottest Building Trends for 2016

You don’t have to click through the TV channels very long before discovering numerous shows focusing exclusively on all of the wonderful options available for getting the home you want versus one you’re willing to settle for.

The Gazette features Copperleaf Homes

Building a custom home from scratch can be a daunting task even for the most savvy of homebuyers. There’s the challenge of finding land on which to build, then identifying the right architect for home design and finally a good quality builder to put it all together. And even after all of this, buyers often are still left in the dark about the most important thing of all…. “What is this all going to cost?”

Copperleaf's Custom Homes Highlighted on Modern Home Builder

Copperleaf Homes has not become Colorado’s leading custom homebuilder by surprise. Read the link below to discover the intentionality of Copperleaf’s processes and approach to customer-centric homebuilding. Learn the true difference between Copperleaf Homes and the rest of the marketplace.

Copperleaf Homes Featured in TecHome Builder

In recent years, the advancement in technology for the new homebuilding industry has exploded. Often when buyers talk to us about buying an existing home versus building a new one, they are amazed at the increased value being built into today’s custom homes. Check out the link below to read about the ever expanding role technology is playing in a new Copperleaf home!

Discovering the REAL Cost of Building Your New Home

Someone once said that the definition of a problem is, “the difference between what you wanted versus what you got – and the greater the distance between the two, the greater the problem.” If this serves as our litmus test, clearly those seeking to figure out exactly what their new home is going to cost have a problem! The distance between what homebuyers often believe their new home will cost versus what it actually ends up costing all too often constitutes a big problem. Unfortunately, in the custom homebuilding industry, this problem is systemic to say the least.

Building A Custom Home: Where to Begin?

The adventure of building a new home can be a daunting prospect indeed: So daunting that even knowing where to begin can easily lead to a heightened state of stress and anxiety. As a builder, I can understand this – for many of our clients the process is new, the monetary commitment is high and the prospects of committing a costly mistake are seemingly so great that many simply succumb to that proverbial state known as “paralysis by analysis.” So how do we move off-center and what practical steps should be taken in arriving at the decision to build?

The Great Debate: Small vs Larger Builder

You’re about to invest in the single most expensive purchase you will likely make in your entire lifetime – building a custom home – and the marketplace is full of willing builders bidding for your business. So who and how do you choose? These are critical questions as the builder that you ultimately choose could very well end up determining the success or failure of this venture. Other than that… no pressure!

CustomBuilderOnline Spotlights Copperleaf Homes

“If you’re not doing home automation, you’re archaic” says Steve Neary, President/CEO of Copperleaf Homes. To understand why Neary and Copperleaf Homes is hot on new technology, click on the link below. It’s a new day in the homebuilding industry and the value-added technologies available combine to give you something “other than your father’s house!"
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